I’m a Spanish Goldsmith/ Designer living and working in the North West of Ireland. I create unique handmade jewellery pieces in Sterling Silver and Gold at my studio in The Leitrim Sculpture Centre.


Whether created from her own imagination, or in consultation with a customer for commissioned work, every piece is entirely handmade, from the initial pencil drawing, to cutting and fashioning the metals, to soldering, mounting, filing, polishing and presenting the finished jewellery in beautiful, quality packaging.

Every detail from the birth of an idea to the tiniest last detail is overseen and cared for by Soraya.


When considering commission pieces, she first liaises with her customer on techniques they might wish to incorporate into the design, which materials to choose from and of course, the budget.

Soraya enjoys listening to their ideas and this is when she brings out her button bag of reference materials to ignite the inspiration alongside sample products selected from her display cases and it is then that she begins to sketch out the unique design. 


Being environmentally conscious designer, Soraya is eager to promote the delicate carbon footprint that handmade jewellery imprints upon our planet. All materials used in her studio are ethically sourced from Irish suppliers.

Hand constructed metalwork can last for thousands of years.  Take as example, the funerary mask of Tutankhamen, or the gold torcs and silver chalices on display in the National Museum of Ireland, still beautiful and functional after millennia. Sustainability is important, and by its very nature, precious jewellery is very sustainable. Only natural materials are utilised and all pieces are created entirely in one place by one goldsmith, making them fully traceable too.

The long lasting nature of handmade jewellery means that each piece can last for not just one lifetime, but for many lifetimes and can be handed down from generation to generation, making them in essence, prequel heirlooms. 


All estimations are free of charge and consultations are individually tailored for each new customer.  No job is too small or too big.

For all enquiries, please contact the email or phone number listed below.


 Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



“If you have any commission ideas then please feel free to contact me and discuss what you would like to have done and obtain a free estimate.

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